Ruff Terrain

A couple Sundays ago we hiked to the Bridge to Nowhere with a group of friends and two other dogs.  This 10 mile round trip adventure took us through a river (5 crossings each way, water was knee deep at deepest parts), narrow ledges on side of mountain, and through some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere.  The pups had a blast.  They were running off leash until the path would narrow too much on the side of the mountain.  We leashed them to be safe.  They were running through wooded areas, the river and just exploring everything.  It was quite a journey!


When we got to the bridge, there was a group getting ready to bungee jump!  We hung around to watch.  In the picture below you can see someone dangling that had just jumped!


The bridge was beautiful.  Built in 1936 to connect Wrightwood with the San Gabriel Valley.  In 1938 they had terrible flooding that came through that wiped out the road.  They never rebuilt the road.  Hence the name – Bridge to Nowhere.



The next day I noticed that Remy’s paw pads had taken a beating from the terrain.  All the rocks in the river he kept jumping into must have scraped him up. He had scrapes on the inside and outside of his pads.  The other two dogs were fine.  Now we know Remy has sensitive pads and are going to invest in some good boots for him.  Does anyone use boots for their dogs when hiking?  Any brand suggestions you could give us?


Here are the pups on the (much) smaller bridge we passed along the way.  The boys are looking so handsome in their matching Crazy Rebels Kyon waterproof collars.

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