Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated

Many people don’t give much thought to there being a difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food.  They’re both dried, right?  And with all the different marketing strategies today, they seem equally healthy.   I’m going to delve into some of the differences in this article.  Here at Remy’s Kitchen our food is freeze dried.  Freeze drying food retains nearly all it’s nutrients, about 97%, vs up to a 50% loss of nutrients in the dehydration process due to the heat that the food is put under during the drying.  A lot of people like both of these options if they are weary about doing a full on raw diet, the fact that they are dry and just having to re hydrate can seem less daunting.   You’re giving your dog a healthy, natural diet, with so many benefits and not all the uncertainty of balancing a raw diet.  Both are also great for traveling- lightweight, and much simpler to take on the road if you prepare raw at home.  Freeze dried food is never exposed to temperatures above freezing, making it nutritionally equal to its frozen counterpart, just lacking the moisture.  Dehyrated treats can be chewy in texture, which dogs can love.  Freeze dried treats are easily broken into smaller pieces and great for training.  It’s so great knowing that your pup is getting so much nutrition in every bite, even while treating them!

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