About Remy’s Kitchen

When we adopted Remy from our local animal shelter it wasn’t long before we noticed he was struggling with some common physical sensitivities that we felt might be improved with diet.  After some trial and error, we determined that certain ingredients found in many dog foods were, in fact, aggravating his skin and digestive tract. When we set out to find foods that did not contain those ingredients, we came up empty handed.  In addition, we discovered that most of the well known store-bought dog foods are packed full of unnecessary artificial preservatives, fillers and additives.  I decided to start cooking for Remy to find a recipe that didn’t aggravate his sensitivities. The menu was simple: whole foods and 100% farm fresh raw meat designed to minimize allergens and maximize his health. When I fed him these foods, not only did he lick the bowl clean every time, he experienced a remarkable change in his quality of life.

Together Remy and I have cooked up the perfect mixture of wholesome, clean, nutrient-rich recipes that do not contain any unnatural ingredients.  We are so pleased with the results and we cannot wait to share it with you and your canine companions!